14 marzec 2017

Bribery has been present in economy for ages and it will probably continue to disrupt business relationship as long as human remains the weakest factor. It carries a lot of negative consequences: disrupts proper execution of business processes, prevents fair competition, generates „dirty money” and promotes „taking shortcuts” in business.

For organizations it means not only direct losses but – in case of stakeholder involvement – also accounting irregularities, reputation risk, criminal liability and even market exclusion.

The risk is even greater, as the term „bribe” is  ambiguous and there may be a situation when organization becomes part of corruption scheme unconsciously, passing something to its partner as a part of normal business transaction. It is crucial to have a proper anti-corruption program in place and strictly monitor all interested parties’ adherence to it.

In this area IBBC (Part of Pinkerton) offers:

     drawing up anti-corruption strategies and policies,

     preparing ethics codes, best business practice codes, gift policies,

     assessments of business processes corruption vulnerability,

     performing operational activities for revealing corruption,

     investigation of bribery cases,

     support in litigation proceedings related to organizations’ criminal liability.


TK oferta

Tomasz Kapuściński

Head of Intelligence